Saturday, November 3, 2007

NBC's "Life" IS Worth Watching

If you frequent or, you may have noticed this article "Fall TV shows that should go away now". I started watching "Life" simply because it comes on after the "Bionic Woman". And since I just switched from Cable to DirecTV, I haven't figured out DirecTV's totally illogical channel lineup. So I got to see "Life" from the beginning.

Like many shows it tries to be complex, but keep your attention. It's allot like many sci-fi shows that bite the dust, they simply lose their audience. "Life" may be suffering from that. But, I think the story is worth tuning in to.

So the guy has a chip on his shoulder. Hey if you spent twelve years in prison (or one even on day) for a crime you didn't commit, you'd have a little anger bottled up inside. Charlie Crews is no different, and they try to make this as real as possible. And, in case you haven't noticed, reality shows are very popular. So why are fictitious shows shunned from imitating reality? OK, maybe that's too broad a statement.

Nonetheless, I like the show, and hope it lasts a few years. There's a long term story they're trying to reveal, that we'll never know if it's cancelled. The whole story of Charlie reconstructing the facts and players behind his imprisonment is the REAL, but underlying story. Everything else is the clues, apparently including his partner Dani Reese.

Dani has her own issues. She's a very troubled, intense person underneath that sweet but icy exterior. Having been in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, she still struggles, and sometimes falls off the wagon. And now she may have a sexual addiction. She trusts no one, or hasn't since getting out of rehab. But that icy exterior is slowly melting as she learns to trust her twisted up partner, because in spite of his unconventional ways, he is good, and he's a good person at heart. Last weeks episode, "Powerless", gives us a glimpse into the real friendship that is growing between Charlie and Dani.

If you didn't see "Powerless", Charlie rescues Dani from a "would-be-killer" alcoholic. Dani meets a guy at a bar, Rick, then goes with him to a meeting (for alcoholics). She is attracted to Rick, but is troubled by his confessions, that he stops short of admitting to a crime. She investigates his background and finds there was a a woman and an incident. They set a trap for Rick (and the other woman) and eventually Rick is arrested. Dani heads home for the night, unbeknown to her that Rick made bail and is waiting in her house for her.

Knowing she is a recovering alcoholic he forces her to drink. Dani is able to reach into her coat and dial her cell phone and call Charlie. While Charlie can hear the drama going on in Dani's house, he and a team head out to rescue her. Rick is tipped off to someone at the front door, that enables Dani to subdue him as Charlie and company charge in. Charlie carries Dani to the ambulance, as she's feeling the effects of the alcohol she was forced to ingest. They share an almost... romantic moment, just before he let's her go into the ambulance. It's a powerful moment fo character building for this show in its infancy.

NBC could give it a boost by showing it at an additional time, maybe a mini marathon we could catch up on the missed episodes. This story is powerful, you gotta see it.

John Crawford

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