Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Continuum is OMG TV!

To say that I love Continuum would be an understatement.  As television goes, it is not just ground breaking but Earth shattering.  The idea is brilliant, and one that has maybe surfaced in real-life America in these trying financial times.  It's another of the great "What if's", and it's a dandy.  If this show gets rejected by the mainstream television, and the awards organizations, it will be a very tragic injustice to society as a whole.

Continuum, while set in the year 2012, starts out in the year 2077.  Set in Vancouver, British Columbia and to a lesser degree the northwest corner of the United States, it plays out a group of terrorists that were able to come back in time to begin their revolution. In 2077, Canada and the U.S. have succumb to their financial misgivings, and been bailed out by private corporations.  Governments yielded control to the CEO's, tough laws and dictatorship ensued.  A group of thugs known as Liber8, would be terrorists by the laws of 2077, kill thousands of innocent people in the process of attempting to kill the ruling CEO's.  They are caught, but at their execution, they devise a plan to create a portal back in time. In the process, one of them doesn't make it, but a police office - a Protector is trapped with them.

The terrorists waste no time committing the harshest crimes and spreading havoc in mass. The Protector, Kiera Cameron has some amazing 2077 technology to equalize the fight. But, she's fighting on two fronts; the terrorists and from the current days laws that seek to identify her. She gets some help from the Vancouver Police Department, but trust is an ongoing fight.

Kiera Cameron is played by actress Rachel Nichols. She makes this show, period. I was hooked after the first five minutes of episode 1.  This gal is amazing. I could not place where I had seen her, or where did they get her. She's a phenomenal actress; her character is stretched from one extreme to the other, and torn.  She is a war machine, but she has a very soft underbelly that cries for the family in 2077. If she does not win awards for this character, we need to disown and disband those organizations.  And Neilsen (oops did I say that outloud?)

So, after kicking her image around in my head for a week, I decided to look her up in IMDB. Ah hah! She was the greenish-Orion girl in the The Star Trek movie, in the scene with Kirk, Uhura walks in on them. And while she was not unknown in U.S. Television, then wasn't well known either.  But no longer, whatever her status was before last week, once Continuum aired in the U.S. she's been thrust to the top.  And to me she will always be associated with Star Trek.

Rachel Nichols, you're awesome, love ya!

John Crawford

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