Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving TV Options, et al

The science fiction TV options for this long Thanksgiving weekend are hit and miss. Yesterday the SciFi Channel ran "Ghosthunters", not my cup of tea. What's worse was the 400 or so channels on DirecTV were not much better. There were a few good movies, Christmas With the Cranks, Independence Day, the American President. But most of day was spent channel surfing, I even settled for watching Oprah, Rachel Ray, and Fox News Channel. I tried to watch the Dallas-NY Jets game, but it was a slaughter from the start.

Today (Friday) is a little better, Enterprise is the all-day marathon on the SciFi Channel. I figured they'd shows the most popular episodes, maybe the pilot. But they just continued along the episode list from the Monday Night lineup. UGH!!!!! Enterprise season 3 was awful, and season 4 was not much better. What are those guys at the SciFi Channel thinking? Did they recruit some of those T&A rednecks from Spike to do there lineups? I mean, they replaced The Bionic Woman on Friday nights with reruns of The Dresden Files. And they promote Flash Gordon as if it's really popular. And they expect people to stay around to see Stargate Atlantis?

The SciFi Channel used to be the channel to watch on Friday night. But they have slowly eroded to where all they have they that is decent is Atlantis. They need to bring BSG back to Friday nights, when and if it comes back on (considering the writers strike). BSG Razor will still be on this Saturday night at 9PM, that's good news.

Something else that has been stuck in my crawl, this new Star Trek movie. All the non-trek fans are giddy about it since J.J. Abrams is writing it. You know he did that "Lost" thing, and "Mission Impossible II". Neither do I like, so he holds no weight with me as a critic.

The fact is the new movie is based on story lines Trek fans just aren't interested in. Star Trek is about the FUTURE, NOT THE PAST. Hence, that's where Enterprise went wrong. there are so many loose ends from the various series, that's what Trek fans want to know about. Since the last Trek movie bombed at the box office (ST: Nemesis), I bet the Trek hating execs studio is hoping this one will take an early nose dive. then they can finally put Star Trek to bed.

So Mr Abrams, get a clue, you're way off the mark. Write a story about the FUTURE of Star Trek, and tie in some things from the series' and you'll be successful. As it stands right now I don't plan to see the new movie in theaters, nor rent it either on VHS, DVD, or PPV. I'll wait until I can get it for free from the library.

Anyhow, I leave you with this Youtube video, a collection of Star Trek images set to music. Enjoy! Star Trek Music Video

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