Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Bionic Sizzle

Jaime finally lands a man. But we knew it was coming since the opening scene had all the girls sitting around talking about who to fix her up with. See a clip of last weeks episode. Like many of you, I was not aware that Michelle Ryan (who plays Jaime Sommers) what a native of Great Britain; there she is already famous. I watched her on The View, and was charmed by her accent.

In the episode "The Education of Jaime Sommers", Jaime goes undercover to college as a British student. When the boss asked her "How's your British accent?", I'm guessing they had to do that scene a few times to get it without laughing. It's kind've like asking a Klingon actor to do their character, but without the makeup. In the video clip link, she uses her native accent when she shouldn't. And Nathan asked her why. Do you suppose they screwed up and didn't want to have to go back and refilm it?

What is confusing to me is the fight scenes. They have these elaborately choreographed fight scenes. The people she's fighting should be dead. In the original series, they didn't have all that. it was quick, and not usually painless. But one punch with the bionic arm and they weren't getting back up, to say nothing about a direct kick to the mid-section. Maybe David Eick needs to watch a few more of the original episodes. And I think it's a requirement to have the necessary visual and sound effects if you call it a Sci-Fi series. The new ones are... OK, but I really like the old CHEESY ones.

All in all it's a great show. It stands on it's own from it's predecessor. I really hope they DO NOT cancel this show. I think it has immense potential. I'd really like to see Lindsey Wagner make a guest appearance, that would be cool. But we know that when Lee Majors make a guest appearance the show is in danger of being cancelled. I think there's allot of nostalgic things they could throw in to the show that fans would like and appreciate. But if they try to push this thing on its own it probably won't make it past season 2. Given that it's a Sci-Fi series on network TV, the odds are stacked against it. Luckily it's getting extra air time from the SciFi Channel on Friday nights 7PM ET, and again on NBC Saturday night, times vary.

John Crawford

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