Monday, October 8, 2007

The 50 Million Dollar Woman

I wouldn't call the new "Bionic Woman" series a remake. While the show shares it's title with the 1976 series about a female cyborg named Jamie Sommers, that is where the similarities end. One one hand I am disappointed that it is completely different. There's no kool sound effects, no OSI, no Dr. Rudy Wells, and no Oscar Goldman. There still could be a male counterpart, and I'm betting there will be. But 6 million dollars won't cover his medical bills.

On the other hand, I like the adventure cause you know there's gonna be some bionic ass kickin'. I'd never heard of or seen Michelle Ryan before Bionic Woman, but I think she was an excellent choice for the main part. It's unclear at this point whether Sarah Corvus, played by Katie Sackhoff, will be here ally or her nemesis.

Given the state of affairs in the world today, the story lines look to be dark, pulled from the headlines but with a twist. The classic Bionic Woman (and Six Million Dollar Man) was from a different age, for those of us old enough to relate to it. Terrorism was mostly unheard of. Communism was the subject of debate, and the US-Soviet Union cold war filled the story lines (and the headlines). The world mindset was NOT IF there is a nuclear war, but WHEN. And until 1989, most of the world felt that was a sure thing. (Ok, enough of that)

I sincerely hope they don't twist things up too much. Many a series, especially science fiction, start with simple characters and a simple story, but end up with something difficult to explain. Far too many movie and series remakes meet an early death for violating this axiom. I think this series has potential, if they keep it simple.

Also if you miss The Bionic Woman episode at it's regular time on Wednesday Night, you can also see it on the SCI-FI channel on Friday nights at 7:00 PM EST. I also spotted it on the USA Network on Saturday afternoon, and on Bravo on Sunday afternoon.

Here's a link to a kool homemade video of the Bionic Woman series. Enjoy!

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