Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Sleeper: The 4400, Season 4 Premier

It's been awhile since writing in this column. Science Fiction is one of my passions, but writing here is all dependent on what's new on TV. Or in this case, what's not new on TV. When you like a TV series, you look forward to when it's on. It's been 9 months since the last new episode of The 4400 aired, and like millions of 4400 fans, this Sunday night at 9:00PM I'll be tuned in.

What I think the show producers or the studio maybe forgot was the show has been off the air for 9 months. OK, USA network shows a episode occasionally late at night, 1:00 or 2:00 AM, but who's awake for it? So for Season 4 they have no planned marathon, no showing of season 3's finale, no lead up to the story. Nothing. This is in contrast to the season 3 premier which was proceeded by a whole day marathon and a special episode that explained the entire story.

I guess those that make the show or the studio are out of touch with the fans. I have friends that say they liked the show but since they never see or hear about it they assumed it was cancelled. I mean, unless you watch the USA Network allot (and I don't), then you would be very much uninformed about such things. That is a shame since it is a great show.

And it's not just The 4400. There's the Dead Zone, Monk, and Psych. If you don't watch the USA Network you won't know what's up with any of those shows. The USA Network seems to be preoccupied with anything "Law & Order". But I'm not here to dis the network, after all, they do show The 4400, Dead Zone, Monk, and Psych, and that's very good. I just hope these shows will survive the lack of PR a marathon, or special episode does for a continuing storyline.

John Crawford

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