Saturday, June 23, 2007

Continuity? The 4400 Season 4 Premier

They really did a bad job of transitioning from last season. With no marathons or special to bring us up-to-date, It was difficult to follow the storyline. For instance, why is Shawn in the hospital, in a coma? Where was Kyle? What happened to Nina Jarvis? What happened to all the 4400's when the 4400 Center was closed? I guess we will find out in future episodes.

That Graham kid, though, had an ability many would want. He could make a person do anything he wanted them to do. Talk about being in control? But Jordan took it away, so now we know what his 4400 ability is. But here's what I don't understand. If the authorities have a warrant for Jordan Collier's arrest, how could he show up at that high school, in public view, with police present and then walk away?

Diana and Maia will be back in Seattle soon. This love triangle with Ben and April is far from over. Remember she stole him from her sister? Since April's been given the promicin, there some plot twist coming with her. Then there's Marco. Maybe we'll see an old fashioned fight between Marco and Ben?

We saw Alana (Karina Lombard) abducted again at the end of last season. Chances are we won't see much of her as she is starring in "The L Word" and just finished a miniseries called "Suspectes".

Nina (Samantha Farris / Sarah Ryan) has been very busy since last season. According to she been in 6 episodes of "Supernatural" and 2 episodes of "Battlestar Galactica". She has also appeared in other TV series I've never of: "Tell Me No Lies" and "Last Chance Cafe". She also appeared in these movies: "Butterfly on a Wheel" and "Gray Matters". All of these are/were filmed in British Columbia, Canada.

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