Saturday, June 30, 2007

The 4400: Fear Itself

They did something that no other show on TV has ever done, they portrayed healing autism. It was a bold and a very controversial move. OK, you're thinking "how could I watch the whole episode and find that as the key arc?" That's easy, I have a 21 year old autistic son, so this hits home for me. The thought of an autistic person, child or not, wondering around in the cold and rain, alone and unsupervised, is frightening. Young actor, Jake Cherry, did a superb job of imitating an autistic person. The rocking and humming sounds, and the non-responsiveness to stimuli were right on. People who are unfamiliar with autism do not realize that most autistic people cannot read, write, talk. At the end when Shawn heals Brandon, and Brandon utters his first words (since being an infant), well it's a moment for a parent that cannot be described with words. It would be really great if they had Brandon is a future episode as a normal child, but able to share his imprisonment with autism. Now that would be controversial.

Newcomer head of NTAC, Meghan Doyle (Jenni Baird), is certainly making her mark. Unlike her predecessors, we get to see inside her personal life. When Tom tells her that having a 4400 on their side comes in handy, she probably doesn't realize the relevance even after she gets the call about her father. But I'm gonna predict that she asks Shawn to help her father.

Kyle got the coolest ability, the wonder of ever man's dreams. Cassie, the girl of his dreams is there whenever he wants, in his mind. Of course, that could make it difficult to have real relationships. Many a psychiatrist pay their country club memberships with the likes of those circumstances. But we know Kyle is normal... for someone with Promicin in their blood. I think we'll see allot of good and bad things from Cassie. She is the embodiment of Kyle's conscience mind so there's a whole lot they can develop on that.

I think Danny will take the shot. He wants to, and now that Kyle's ability has surfaced, he won't be able to resist.

Diana's back, no surprise there. Maia said it would happen and she's never wrong.

We've yet to see Richard this season. It's likely because actor Mahershalalhashbaz Ali is involved in the film "Crossing Over" that's filming in Los Angeles.

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