Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Star Trek: To Be Captain

Who do you think would make a good ships Captain? We've had 41 years of Star Trek, 5 TV series, 10 feature films, an animated series, comic books and hundred of novels. And that's just a drop in the bucket. There's another feature film on the horizon, and another series in the rumor mill. But if you could plant your favorite actor or actress in the captains chair, who might that be? Here's some names I've kick around over the years. Some you may find obvious based on the roles they've played. Others may be a stretch. After actor Alan Ruck took the chair in Star Trek: Generation, maybe the writers need a little nudge. His character, Captain John Harriman, had to be the least experienced captain in Starfleet history. Maybe his experience was set to "arrive on Tuesday", along with his crew, his medical team, and the tractor beam.

Here's my list.

Kurt Russell
Patricia Heaton
Tom Hanks
Ben Affleck
Billy Bob Thornton
Sandra Bullock
Julia Roberts
Claudia Black
Amanda Tappping
Teryl Rothery
Catherine Bell
Eric Close
Will Smith
Gillian Anderson

John Crawford

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