Saturday, April 28, 2007

More Stargate SG-1 Wish List

At least one of my wishes has come true already, well, sort of.

4. The Stargate program is made public.

In last nights episode of Stargate SG-1, The Road Not Taken, Sam is accidentally taken to an alternate reality during an experiment. What she finds is an Earth that is foreign to what she knows. It looks the same, but is very different just under the surface. And the Stargate program was public knowledge. How about that!

Do you suppose this episode was a jab at our real world US Government? While our post 9/11 world is nowhere close to what they portrayed, if the John Ashcroft's of the world had their way, it might be similar. Granted, most Americans (and most people of the FREE world) would not and do not mind a small cut back in civil liberty to gain allot of security, However, we know there's a huge gap between providing for the security of a nation and ruling by oppression.

If the Earth was to find itself being attacked by an alien race, chances are we would find ourselves in the same situation as in The Road Not Taken. And to some degree you can't ignore the need suspend civil liberties and implement martial law. But, you can bet that things like the constitution would become null and void, and a whole new way of governing would rein supreme throughout the world.

I especially liked how they portrayed the sane characters, but in different roles. General Landry, for instance, being president. That strong leader we've grown to trust is now the "dictator". The officers you trust with your life are now in the Secret Service, and they are watching you, but not watching your back.

I would not have played the Sam & Rodney romance/marriage card. I just do not see them fitting together. Ironically, they didn't make a very good married couple, and had divorced. Where was Jack? Did I miss that detail when Sam going down the list, asking where everyone was now?

Anyhow, it was a good episode, and not much technbabble. Amanda Tapping ROCKS!!

John Crawford

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