Monday, April 21, 2008

A Cylon Civil War, Who'da Thunk It?

While we've seen bits and pieces of internal strife within the Cylons, that strife has grown into an all out civil war. First we had one of the Six's reprogram the Raiders so they were self aware, in turn they killed some of the skin jobs that tried to lobotomize them. The question of whether those models would just download again was answered, and while they played coy with those that opposed their vote, they initiated an attack on their vessels. This is certainly a change from the main story line, but it's uncertain if this helps or hurts the Colonials. Neither side appears to be for NOT destroying the humans, just protecting the final 5.

After Kara confronts the President and by rights should be dead, Kara convinces the Admiral that she might be right and to take chance. The Admiral sends Kara and a few crew members on one of the fleets vessels, with the goal of finding Earth.

Lee refused to reinstate his commission, and sets off on a personal journey. Not sure where he's going or how he might get there. According to the shows creators there's no other intelligent life outside the 12 colonies (13 if you count Earth). If there are no inhabited planets, no space faring vehicles other than the Colonial Fleet, where is he going?

The four Cylon sleepers are meeting regularly now. They are trying to find the 12th Cylon, thinking he or she might be among the fleet as well. They devise a plan for Tory to work her sexual magic on Baltar and see if he gives up any usable information. Tory finds herself under the sheets with Baltar, he's quite intuitive about her feelings, but doesn't seem to suspect her as a Cylon. But Baltar does have an insight into what and how Cylons feel emotion, so he is suspect.

Meanwhile Cally became suspicious of her Cylon husband. She finds him at the bar sitting across from Tory, somewhat embraced. She freaks out and swears her husband is having an affair. She spies on our 4 sleeper agents only to discover they're all Cylons. She confronts Galen with a huge wrench across the head and face. She proceeds to take her baby to the airlock where she runs into Tory. Tory tries to calm her down and reason with her. When Cally lets down her guard, Tory takes the baby and kicks Cally away. Tory then goes to the controls of the airlock and ejects Cally into space. Is Tory's Cylon side showing? What do we know about her or her past before she became the President's aid after Billy was killed? Who was she prior to the attacks on the colonies?

One thing's for sure, they'll be more action in the next episode.

John Crawford

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