Saturday, April 5, 2008

Battlestar Galactica Season 4: FINALLY SCI-FI Worth Watching

With the ending of Stargate SG-1, the cancellation of The Bionic Woman, Jericho, The 4400, Dead Zone, and waiting through the writer's strike, the quality and sheer selection of science fiction shows has suffered. While we still have Stargate Atlantis, it wanes behind it's big brother in many ways. But at least for one more season we have 22 episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

Almost a year after season 3 ended, and delays due to the writers strike, Battlestar Galactica returned to television last night with a solar-system-sized bang. The much anticipated remake of the 1978 era television show of the same name opened it's fourth and final season right where it left off. Starbuck (Kara) mysteriously shows up off Apollo's (Lee's) wing. She returns to Galactica's hanger deck thinking she's only been gone "6 hours and change". Lee and Sam greet her with hugs, and with their confusion of her whereabouts. But when they tell her she's been gone for more than 2 months, and that Lee saw her Viper explode, she's clearly surprised. The Admiral orders the guards to take her to sickbay, where Doc Cottle proceeds to examine her and gives her a clean bill of health, and confirms her identity.

Back on the hanger deck, Kara's Viper also gets a clean bill of health, too clean in fact. The Viper has no marks, scratches, or any damage at all; like it came off the showroom floor. The on board computer is completely empty, no record of where she'd been. But she did gets photos of a planet she says is Earth; it has a large sister gas giant planet with rings around it.

Meanwhile, our four crewman that discovered they were Cylons at the end of last season are living with the realities of it's secret, not knowing if at any moment a switch will go off and make them do something terrible. While in the Command Center, Colonel Tigh has a daydream about shooting the Admiral in the head. Sam is worried that he will turn on his fellow Vipers. All four are certain that's how the Cylons (again) found the fleet, and maybe that's why the Cylons stopped attacking and retreated when it finally looked like defeat was imminent.

President Roslin is enduring the pain of her cancer. Sharon, Number Six, and the President had several shared visions, which neither can determine the meaning. The Number Six they have prisoner can sense the four new Cylon models nearby.

The President is also adamant about the fleet's path to Earth, and although Kara says she's need there and knows the way, the President ignores her. But Kara has acquired a sixth sense about the way to Earth, and with every jump of the fleet, the sense fades. Sam and her guards become the latest victims of her ball-busting behavior as she knocks them out, takes the guards sidearm, and heads to the President's quarters.

After taking down a few more guards, the episode ends with Kara in the President's quarters pointing a weapon at the President.

Twenty-one (21) episodes till the series finale, and it's a good bet they won't reach Earth until the very end. Until next week...

John Crawford

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