Sunday, April 27, 2008

Battlestar Galactica: Escape Velocity - Busted Is The Word!

The episode opens with Chief Galen Tyrol speaking at Cally's memorial service. As it breaks up, the guests pay their respects and offer condolences to Galen on his loss. As the President and Admiral approach, Galen has one of those brief cylon hallucinations we've seen Colonel Tigh have. It's a brief thought about Admiral Adama saying that Cally was a cylon. Then as fast as it came, it left, he comes back to reality to shake the Admirals hand and accept his condolences.

Busted - would be the keyword in this episode. While we are still no closer to knowing who the 12th cylon model is, Colonel Tigh mixes it up with the Number 6 in the brig, and I think she knows he's a Cylon. He desperately wants to engage her in what it's like to be cylon, he even dismissed the guards and turns off the cameras. All the while he is fading in and out of seeing Helen (his dead wife whom he killed for collaborating with the cylons). Number 6 takes the opportunity to inflict a bit of pain on Tigh, but realizes that may not be what he needs. At that point I believe she realizes he is a cylon. She's already told the President the other cylon models are close, possibly in Galactica. I think he suspicions have been confirmed. The last
images we see of Number 6 and Tigh, they are kissing. Busted!

Chief Tyrol is has a meltdown with Admiral Adama and is busted to specialist. Galen has a bar room argument with the Admiral. He begged for the Admiral to take some action against him. Earlier, Galen nearly caused the death of several Viper pilots and crew because a key component was not replaced during the last maintenance
cycle, busted!. Combined with too much too drink, the revelation that he's a cylon, and the death of Cally, he wasn't in the mood for any one's sympathies. Like his fellow sleeper cylons, he's dealing with some intense changes and emotions. With the help of alcohol, his true feelings for Cally come out, he still carry a torch for boomer, which fuels the argument with Admiral Adama. Busted!

Tory visits Baltar. There is a struggle, and she pins him down. She's trying to tell him something when the same group of men that tried to kill him before break in. They are unsuccessful though, as the attackers cannot find him. Did his evasion have anything to do with Tory's visit? Busted! I think Baltar may sense her cylon identity, and how long will it be before his "imaginary" Number 6 spills the beans about the sleeper cylons.

Tory's the wild card, her cylon programming is beginning to surface. She is responsible for Cally's death, which everyone thinks was suicide. It will be interesting to see what will happen if and when any of the 4 sleepers die, download, then re awake on the Cylon mother ship.

My earlier confusion about Lee is clearer now. Apparently he is the political representative for one of the colonies. After the last attack on Baltar, the President tries to put restrictions on the number of people that can assemble. This would be a big problem for many of the colonists who are living in very large groups,
such as Baltar. When Baltar tries to get into his quarters, ha has to fight the guards over this issue, he is repeatedly beaten to the ground. That's when Lee comes to his rescue. He and the other Colony reps overturned the the Presidents decree. He orders the guards to stand down. Baltar lives on another day...

No news on the hunt for Earth, but from the previews those key characters will be in next week's episode.

Here's a prediction. Specialist Tyrol will have his rank restored back to Chief. I think cooler heads will prevail when the alcohol wears off. While Admiral Adama does not know that Galen is a cylon, he knows he's facing a great loss, and emotions run high, and that he may just need to get some things out of his system.

John Crawford

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