Friday, October 29, 2010

Some answers from Syfy about Caprica - Sci-Fi Storm

My personal take on Caprica is they tried to pull in the same audience as BattleStar Galactica. However, we knew from the start they were different kind of shows.

1. BSG was a fast paced, action oriented drama. Caprica was a soap opera; it moved like pond water compared to BSG.

2. BSG had one central theme - the survival of 50,000+ people living aboard spaceships with no home planet to go back to while being chased by the same enemy that destroyed their 12 planets. Caprica had many threads, much light a soap opera, and very little relates to another. You have the bombing, the technology, the religious sects, the filthy rich businesses, the mafia, and a culture that is so caught up in technology, crime, and corruption; so full of themselves they make Earth look like a friendly place. BSG had many threads, however, at the end of the an episode it was all about their survival.

3, If you knew the basic premise of the BSG story, you could miss an episode and not feel lost. It was not very difficult for new viewers to watch an episode and peak their interest. With Caprica, you needed to see all the episodes, in order, or else you may not understand what's happened or what it meant. Caprica committed a fatal mistake, one that many shows especially science fiction, it was too complicated.

4. The fans waited each week for the story to connect the dots with BSG. Of the entire story, the only pieces they gave to relate the two stories was the 12 Colonies, Willie and Joseph Adama, and a Cylon. The rest of the air time was spent exploring the deep dark religious discord that was the catalyst for their underground, the bombing, their business and ethical corruption, and much of their out-of-control culture. Did I mention their fascination with multi-partner marriages?

In the end, they failed to tell the story. Maybe they'll learn from their mistakes and make the next prequel worth watching. Think Star Trek: TNG Vs Enterprise.

I also disagreed with SyFy's decision to move the show to Tuesday night from Friday night. Clearly a mistake. Us working stiffs need to looking for sleep at 10PM on a Tuesday night; Friday night we can stay up. So when they say they moved it to Tuesday because it's their "most successful night", they are admitting the rest of their programming is worse. Syfy needs to stick to SCIENCE FICTION; it's what made them successful. True scifi fans are more than willing to watch reruns of Stargate, Star Trek, BSG, Jake 2.0, Babylon 5, The X-Files, etc instead of those Wrestling and Reality shows.

Just my opinion...

Some answers from Syfy about Caprica - Sci-Fi Storm

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