Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dear Syfy: Show Us How 'Caprica' Ends ... Now

the hand-writing was on the wall. It's no surpise, but nonetheless disheartening. What's gotten into those people at the Syfy channel? They don't have ONE really good (original) scifi show, with minor exception is Stargate Universe. Maybe they're getting too much pressure from NBC Universal to span out into non-scifi programming. Either way, I tune into the Syfy channel less often with each passing day. This idea of putting off teh last 5 episodes until 2011 is just another indicators they are out of touch with their fan base, and what they want to see. Wrestling, Anime, Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth are all on the wrong channel. The Syfy channel needs to take a step back and look at where they came from and what made them a market competitor.

Dear Syfy: Show Us How 'Caprica' Ends ... Now |

John Crawford

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