Sunday, April 25, 2010

'Fringe' Finishes Behind 'V,' 'FlashForward'

This is very bad news. Fringe has become my favorite show. Fringe is the kind of show that could definitely last a long time. Look how long the X-Files lasted. The problem with Fringe is that since they moved production from New York to Vancouver, it has become more like the X-Files.

The first season was fresh and exciting, a continuing story. Not that they aren't doing that in season 2, but they have stand alone episodes that are set in that dark, wet, depressing world we always saw on the X-Files. They need to freshen it up, maybe show it twice, show it on FX. Most importantly, they need to keep the episodes as simple as possible within the science fiction. Most shows make this mistake. Only hard core fans will understand the techno-babble. The rest of us have to be entertained.

'Fringe' Finishes Behind 'V,' 'FlashForward'

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