Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fox Passes On Americanized 'Torchwood'

Last week I finished watching the entire Torchwood series. I had great anticipation that it would be continued, even if it's an American version. But having seen the way the final episode of "Children of Earth" ended, it doesn't see obvious how a new series would continue where that left off. Only Captain Jack, Gwen and her husband survived. I could see them hiring Lois, whom Gwen promised a job if they make it through alive.

So Fox has passed on Torchwood. The question is who else is BBS Worldwide working with to get it on U.S. television. I doubt seriously it is one of the big three (NBC, ABC, or CBS). The adult nature of Torchwood, language, partial nudity, and the lean on gay men would probably force it to HBO, Showtime, or Skinemax Cinemax. Let me be honest, as a Straight male, I wouldn't mind the gay parts being toned down. Torchwood is defined by that type of character, and while it makes me turn my eyes away from those scenes, a PG version of Torchwood just wouldn't be the same; it is what it is.

Long live Torchwood!

Fox Passes On Americanized Torchwood

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