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Comment on "Just How Doomed Are Flashforward And Caprica?"

Source: Just How Doomed Are Flashforward And Caprica

I think the pomp and audacity of Ron Moore is catching up to him. And David Eick should know better after the butt kicking he got with Bionic Woman. Caprica is not Battlestar Galactica, the momentum of the show is way too slow. Now the low ratings for the pilot are understandable since it had been freely available on the website for months before debuting January 22nd on the Syfy channel. But the other 2 episodes have done little to further the story line.

I think only the true hard core Galactica fans are watching it in prime time. The rest of us are catching it at alternate times, which by the way, the Syfy channel has been broadcasting Caprica episodes like crazy. I'm already sick of it.

Caprica needs to get on with the story, there needs to be action and lots of story changes each week. That's what Galactica fans are used to. Personally I am not liking what little has been broadcast. I think people in general see Caprica much like Earth is now. The economy is bad, our kids have reached new heights of rebellion, the rich get richer and more powerful, etc. As for Sam Adama, I wish they'd kill him off. As it stands right now, if they never aired another episode, we already know how it ends.

As for Flashforward, I love the show. But I think the big three networks are hard on sci-fi shows, unless you are J.J. Abrams. Flashforward made the fatal error that many complex shows make, they get too complicated. Casual viewers cannot tune in to a given episode and understand what is happening. Not to contradict that, but the story is really not moving all that fast or at least they were not giving us allot of answers. Viewers want to be fed facts as the story goes along. they do not want to watch for 57 minutes and get a few answers and a new riddle just before they roll the credits. That's highway robbery, and as you can see viewers are turning the channel.

My guess is if J.J. Abrams and his crew were producing Caprica, Flashforward, and has produced Bionic Woman, they'd all be fighting for number 1 every week. I think there's a lesson to be learned here. Fringe and Lost are doing quite well.

Source: Just How Doomed Are Flashforward And Caprica

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