Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Angel Puppet

Ok, I know this is old news and the episode aired 6 years ago tomorrow. But when I watched the "Smile Time" episode of Angel for the very first time last week, I knew I had to post something. This episode was very much off the beaten path for Angel. While every episode has a serious tone, the mix of humor, history, modern day realities, and twists of pop culture gave each episode a unique perspective on the the darker side of life.

To the hard core Buffy and Angel fan, "Smile Time" might have seemed like a bad joke, like maybe the writers had just gone insane or ran out of story-lines. But after all the initial jokes by TEAM Angel and the crew at Wolfram and Hart, it is discovered that a nationally broadcast television puppet show called Smile Time fell off the wagon and sold its soul to some demons. Children were falling into deep comas, but was limited to the Southern California market. But now the demonized puppets at Smile Time have discovered how to spread their destruction to the rest of the world. TEAM Angel heads to the Smile Time studios to lessen the demon population.

Probably the coolest pop culture television clip ever recorded is featured in the ending of the episode (in the clip below). It wouldn't be the same if Angel did not turn vamp when fighting, so why should it be any different just because he is a puppet? Well it wasn't, and it's priceless.

Angel Puppet Goes Vamp

While doing research for this article, I was amazed to find just how popular this one episode was. Then there's the mad sale of the actual Angel puppets that continue to sell out at many venues. Not to mention the posters, comic books, and videos just for this episode. All that and 6 years later.

The actor David Boreanaz now stars in Bones as FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth. Would it be absolutely cool to see Special Agent Booth go vamp just once, maybe at the very end of an episode? That would be a gag!

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