Saturday, October 4, 2008

DIGG THIS --> NBC's Life Is Resurrected

NBC's Life is back, a rare survivor of last years WGA strike. The cerebral Charlie Crews and his partner Dani Reese are back as LA's top crime fighting team. Crews is like Monk, Columbo, and Baretta rolled into one. Quite the opposite of Monk, Crews is afraid of nothing, as cold as ice.

Crews has an uncanny ability to solve the most perplexing crimes. He is compulsive, and thinks outside the box on everything. Reese is a conventional thinker, and keeps Crews balanced and between the navigational beacons. In the season opener, a killer is putting dead bodies in luggage style crates, and depositing them in key locations. Crews used tracking data from GPS to outwit the killer, which turned out to be a young, but emotionally disturbed stationary store clerk. In the second episode, Crews and Reese go up against a steroid abuse ring, and the misfits peddling it to solve a brutal murder.

Charlie Crews is a cop that spent 12 years in prison for murder, but was later released after proven innocent. He received a $50 Million settlement and got his old job back. He also agreed to not pursue the case that sent him to prison. Season 1 was all about his "secret" pursuit, and ends with what is believed to be all the evidence to show who framed him. But Season 2 so far has been mostly absent of that. Solving the crime of the week is the primary focus. He did find the girl, who is now grown, who was in the house during the murders, and has her in protective custody. And he is still harassing Jack Reese, a key player in his conviction, whom Crews believes is the mastermind. Jack Reese is also the father of his partner. His partner is a recovering addict. While she is a great cop, she has a past. So far in 2 episodes we've had zero character development for Dani Reese.

New this season is Captain Kevin Tidwell, new captain of the Robbery/Homicide division. At first he came off as hard nosed, but soon he was following Crews' and Reese's lead. Life airs on NBC Monday and Friday Nights at 10PM.

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