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Could it be? The producers and writers read our blogs and heard our pleas for a change? While I'm not holding my breath waiting for that to happen, I think Knight Rider is showing signs of promise. The episode "Knight Of The Hunter" is reminiscent of the original show, Michael and KITT are the ultimate crime fighting team. And it would not be complete without a damsel in distress. Our man Hoff, the original Michael Knight, must have studied at the James T. Kirk school of "How to win in no-win situations." That formula always included a beautiful woman; Michael Traceur is a chip off that block for sure.

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So Michael and KITT find themselves infiltrating a para-military camp run by some former disgruntled government contractors who's shady dealings got them kicked out of Iraq. After Michael gets the snot beat out of him during an interrogation by our mystery woman, Michael is confronted by her when snooping around the compound. She reveals her name is Cassandra and she is with MI-6, so they team up. The camp leader is watching all this and is in pursuit to kill them. Michael and Cassandra meet up with KITT and off they go.

KITT is configured as the F-150, they are being chased down a bumpy dirt road that is mined. KITT says "transformation would improve my mobility", and Michael gives him the approval. KITT hits a mine during transformation, flips end over end several times, and is wrecked off in the ditch.

This part makes no sense to me. How could a Mustang Cobra that sits low to the ground, with street racing tires provide more mobility on a mined, bumpy dirt road, than a decked out F-150 made for off-road? At night too. Do the writers have to incapacitate KITT in every episode? We know that during transformation KITT is vulnerable. Can we get just ONE episode where KITT is NOT out-manned, out-gunned, out-maneuvered, or incapacitated? PLEASE??

So Michael and Cassandra run away, and eventually find shelter in a cave. While Michael and Casandra dance around a romantic encounter, it takes well into daylight hours for KITT repairs itself. He rescues them, so they are off to catch the bad guys.

The plot ending is where the writers got it right.We find out the reason the bad guys stopped chasing them is because the bad guys were making their move. At Michael they thought they would blowup the FDR Memorial Dam. But after they follow a truck they are sure is carrying a bomb, when it doesn't explode they realize they've been on the wrong trail. The real crime was the heist of $250Million gold from the Phoenix Federal Reserve.

As Michael, Cassandra, and KITT proceed at neck breaking speeds to stop the robbers, the gold has already made into the wrong hands. But as our bad guys attempt to flee, they are confronted with Micheal and KITT. On the surface it's a lopsided game of chicken; two HUMVEE's and 5 ton against a tricked out Mustang Cobra. When they resist, KITT deploys his laser weapons and destroys the HUMVEE's. By that time, the Phoenix police and National Guard arrive. This is what makes it science fiction.

The plot ending is what the original series made of. It is why I became a TV critic, and it's why I write. One man (with a beautiful gal in tow) can make a difference.

As for the rest of the story lines, it's all filler, stuff to fill the 43 minutes of the actual episode between commercials. We're gonna continue to see the "baggage" between Michael and Sarah. We'll see more character development with Billy and Zoe. Charles (Bruce Davison) and Carrie Rivai (Sydney Tamiia Poitier) are not in every episode. Alex (Yancey Arias) is the bad guy of the bunch, and it would not hurt my feelings if they killed off his character, although he did help with some comedy relief in this episode.

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