Sunday, May 4, 2008

Premonition - A Movie Review

OK, I'm partial to anything with Sandra Bullock in it. But I was with my daughter at Suncoast, and "Premonition" was on sale for $10, so I bought it. I liked it, and it kept me in suspense till the end. While most who watched this movie would just call it a suspense/thriller, I look at it as science fiction. "Premonition" is about time travel, but the person involved doesn't know where they are supposed to be.

Premonition focuses on a married woman named Linda, played by Sandra Bullock. She is a mother of 2 daughters. She is your average housewife and mother that drives the kids to school in an SUV. One Wednesday afternoon, she is visited by the local Sheriff who informs her that her husband was killed in a car accident. She picks up her daughters from school, then later at home she informs them of their fathers untimely death. Linda's mother is also there to help with the girls, and after they are asleep, her mother settles in on the couch in the den. Linda falls asleep in the other room holding a pictures of her and her husband.

The next morning she awakes to find her husband with her. She shakes it off as a bad dream, but is confused by the fact it is Tuesday. There's also an empty Lithium prescription bottle. She researches the doctors name only to find the page with the listing has been torn from the phone book. (Who uses the phone book these days, right?).

Each morning she wakes up it's a different day of the week, but the days are not in order. Linda is beginning to put some of the pieces together, she takes some crayons and a large piece of drawing paper, then draws out a calendar with all the facts and key players. She folds it up and lays it under the table cloth of the dining room table. It's interesting how that calendar is still there in different parts of the story.

Throughout the movie the facts are changing. If you've seen enough of these type of movies, you will undoubtedly think it's an elaborate conspiracy. But to what end? She's meeting people that know her, but she has no clue who they are. She's missing days from her memory, such as how her daughters face got cut up. The mysterious woman watching from afar at her husband funeral. Then there is her friend, Annie, played by Nia Long.

Linda has her doubts about her husbands death, which feed on the conspiracy theory. There's the closed casket funeral, she didn't understand why. She found out when the they pulled the casket out of the hearse and it fell to the ground, and her husband's head came out. She doesn't know it at the time, but she is missing days of her life, she hasn't lived them yet so she does not have the memories. Such as how her daughter 's face was cut up. We later find out she ran through a glass door. But when Linda cannot explain it, her mother and friend call the authorities.

One fact that is off during the movie is that she is told that her husband was killed on a Tuesday afternoon. The sheriff comes by on Wednesday afternoon, and says it happened yesterday. But, Linda has a voicemail from her husband on Wednesday morning. Her husband also visited the insurance company on Wednesday morning to raise their benefits. But in later "premonitions" he dies on Wednesday. So I was sure it was some type of conspiracy.

In the end, Linda discovered her husband was planning to have an affair, but he backed out at the last minute (hence the mysterious woman at the funeral). In her attempt to reach him before he does something he will regret, she actually causes his death, just the way it was told to her and how she was having it projected to her. The alternative was that he would have lived but cheated with another woman, and who knows beyond that. Linda certainly had it figured out, she even asked her mom if there's a difference between letting him die or killing him. Of course, this is after he was killed and her mom is confused by the question. But Linda knew.

I like this movie for two reasons. First and foremost it's a good story, it will keep you guessing until the end. Also, it's a departure for Sandra Bullock to play a mother and housewife, and I think she does a great job.

John Crawford

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