Monday, May 12, 2008

Battlestar Galactica: "Faith" Reviewed

The tempo has slowed considerably since the season premier. While that's to be expected after a cliffhanger and the need to tie up some loose ends, it also makes the weekly task of finding something worthy to talk about that much harder. After all, my job as a critic is to critique the story, not tell it.

This weeks episode had a special guest star, Nana Visitor (aka Major/Colonel Kira of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). I'm not even sure they listed her in the opening credits. Another frequent guest they do not list credit is Keegan Connor Tracy; she starred in "Jake 2.0" that ran on UPN 2003-2004.

Nana Visitor plays a fellow cancer patient, named Emily, whom President Laura Roslin shares some spiritual moments. The conversations dance around the idea "gods" vs the "God", and you can hear Baltar's speeches in the background.

From last weeks episode, we knew something was gonna happen on the command deck of the Demetrius, and it did. Mr. Gaeta was shot in the leg by Sam during a mutiny attempt. In the scuffle, Kara concedes the stakes are too high for the entire crew to be at risk. So she decides to take the Cylon bayship with Leoben (and a few crew members) to see the hybrid, while the Demetrius jumps back to the fleet.

The bayship jumps to the (almost) destroyed Cylon fleet, Kara can hear the music. Is she a Cylon? They get aboard the other Cylon ship with the Hybrid. One of the six's kills a human woman that killed her on New Caprica. Then another six her the six that killed the human. No Resurrection ship - no download, the cylon is dead. Also, Athena has a not so happy reunion with the other surviving Eights. The Eights say Athena is the one that showed them to ignore their programming and be something else. Athena responds by telling them they need to pick a side and stick with it, not to change when things get tough.

The scenes on the Cylon ship is where the story lines builds on their journey to Earth. First Sam tempts fate by nearly touching the water, he really wants to, but did not. His Cylon side is trying to emerge. With the Hybrid spouting nonsense, as we have seen many times before, one of the Eight's (that's a Sharon/Boomer/Athena model) tries to unplug her. A cylon soldier goes on the offensive. Before it can be gunned down, one of the Eight's is killed. Just before she dies, Sam goes to her. Since we haven't seen any connection between Sam and Boomer or Athena, I think the others may find it suspicious.

Kara leans over the Hybrid and pleads for information. The Hybrid says, among other things:
The children of the one reborn shall find their own country.
The dying leader will know the truth of the opera house.
The missing three will give you the five who have come from the home of the thirteenth.
You will be the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace. You will lead them all to their end.

Riddles, I tell you, riddles. But I'm sure it all means something in the context of the journey to Earth. So who is the "one reborn"? We know who the dying leader is, and we have some insight into the opera house, the place where she kept seeing Athena's child. But what truth? Who are the missing three? We know four of the five, but the hybrid is implying the final five came from the home of the thirteenth (Earth)? The statement "You will be the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace. You will lead them all to their end." is the most puzzling. We probably will not know what that means until the last minute of the final series episode.

The producers have made it clear they do not want to leave the door open for a BSG movie. While we are all expecting a happy ending to a long and sad journey, it could all end with finding Earth, and the Cylons finally kill everyone left, including the inhabitants of Earth. Or not. We may find Earth to be ALL Cylons, kinda like the Earth of all Borg from Star Trek: First Contact.

On the other hand, we don't know when or what kind of Earth they will find. Maybe they will find an advanced Earth, something futuristic from now. Maybe something prehistoric. God (the one true God) knows that it won't be our 2008 Earth, overrun with crime, war, famine, disease, and the need to satisfy our own selves. They can't possibly have the Colonials make such a horrific journey just to find a 2008 Earth as we know it. (Note to the producers: That would be very disappointing). There are thousands of possibilities to tie into realities we know, TV shows and movies, and so many other options that have never been dramatized.

At the end of the episode, Laura goes to the Admiral quarters, says she needs to speak to him. She shares about her shared dream with Emily, and of her conversations with Emily. Laura's beginning to crack, she's beginning to see her spiritual beliefs are not so true, and their maybe something to what Baltar is peddling. Finally, she believes there is an Earth, and they will find it. The Admiral smiles with a small laugh under his breathe, saying he used that line as a carrot in front of the fleet, but he never believed Earth existed. Now it's their singular mission to find it.

John Crawford

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Ian said...

The Missing three - is just 3, aka Xena, aka Lucy Lawless. She has seen the final five.

The one reborn - Kara probably but thats the line that has me confused!