Thursday, August 23, 2007

Video - The Wall, Part 9: One of Baltar's Many Turns

Gaius Baltar is a man who has come along way in life. From humbling beginnings as the son of a farmer to being a genius who worked at the Ministry of Defense, he has enjoyed some of life's successes- like women.

One such woman turned out to be a Cylon infiltrator, named Number Six. But, while at first this disturbed him, he has finally accepted the fact that his only love comes from a machine.

He is generally attracted to the Number Six model- which includes Caprica Six and Gina. However, even they have left him feeling frustrated at times.

This video is more of a reflection of Baltar's dealings with the Number Six model. The song used is "One of My Turns" by Pink Floyd.,-Part-9:-One-of-Baltar's-Many-Turns.html

John Crawford

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