Sunday, August 26, 2007

The 4400; Season 4 So Far

I think The 4400 is right up there with Battlestar Galactica as the best shows on TV. I don't have as much free time as I used to so posting reviews has been sparse. Nonetheless, allot is going on this season of The 4400. As usual, things are twisted up. Tom is sleeping with the boss, and now he's one of the bad guys from the future. I still say he'll take the shot, Diana too. Isabelle will get her powers back as well now that her "life" has been reversed, and reversed again. I also think that Diana and Marco will get back together. Ben has departed and no sign of returning. April is working for the Justice Department (or something like that); maybe her and Ben will get back together. Although Maia says her Mom and Ben will get married.

Shawn and Jordon are on opposites sides, but seem to be fighting for the same thing. Alana will be back when her (Karina Lombard's)other TV and movie commitments allow. And for all we know this whole season could be one of Alana'a alternate realities.

Kevin and Tess thus far have not played significant roles. However, Kevin is working on a test to determine 100% who will die if they take Promicin. Shawn's brother, Danny, is contemplating taking the shot.

Kyle, and his newly discovered ability Cassie, have taken up residency with Jordon and company in Promise City. Tom Knows where Kyle is, and even helped him escape from other places. How is that going to play out now that Tom is a bad guy from the future? I think this where the writers have gone too far. You can twist things too much. The writers and producers need to keep in mind that viewers expect a certain status quo at the end of the episode, such as key players are there and their roles do not change that way.

Things I'd like to see happen on the show.

1. Johnny, from the Dead Zone, makes a guest visit as his character.
2. A Dead Zone episode featuring a 4400 character and their ability.
3. Reveal more names on the list of people that have to take the shot.
4. Jordon joins NTAC to fight the bad guys from the future.
5. A 4400 elected to the White House.

Unfortunately the season will be over in a few weeks. I wish the USA Network would spread these out. We go 9 months out the your with no 4400 episodes, and they only show reruns at 2AM. I know allot of people that watched the show the first season, but lost track of it since. The network does a lousy job of keeping viewers interest when new episodes are not being made. The same for the Dead Zone, Monk, and Psych.

John Crawford

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