Saturday, January 28, 2012

Could Fringe continue even if canceled?

Science Fiction television has so much going against it, always has. The biggest thing is the Nielsen families they use to do the ratings are predominately not science fiction fans. So viewership is going to be skewed right off the top. I know if my house was being surveyed by Nielsen, a lot of science fiction shows would still be on the air. Is my household different? No. But it's a way less geekier to talk about American Idol or Two And Half Men (BTW, two show I DON'T watch).

Advertisers are less willing to sponsor science fiction shows. The whole history and stigma that only a niche crowd will watch keeps the big guns away.

I say let Fox cancel Fringe, and Warner Brothers move it the Syfy channel, or the USANetwork. Somewhere that it can get multiple airings, and targeted to the proper audience. Oh, and let's not forget how Fox moved Fringe to Friday night KNOWING that Friday night is where shows go to DIE.

Guess this is why I don't run the world.... 8:)

Read full article at Could Fringe continue even if canceled? - Sci-Fi Storm

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