Saturday, February 26, 2011

Charlie Sheen Commits Career Suicide

My mother always taught me to never wish bad things on anyone. But I think the public's good graces for Charlie Sheen are reaching the end. While I am not a fan of Two And A Half Men, I liked most of his movies. But enough already with this clown. We should expect better of celebrities, just as we do professional athletes, public servants, and corporate leadership. Social Responsibility Charlie, did you skip that class in acting school?

Many of us hard core Science Fiction fans are fighting hard to keep Fringe from being canceled, while CBS somehow keeps Two And A Half Men going despite all the negative things Sheen has done. It's a classic example of how flawed the Nielsen Ratings system is. They've never asked me what I watch, and I wonder how many families are being asked to participate by watching shows like Two And A Half Men and American Idol. Worse yet, how many unknown ways are they inflating the ratings.

Sorry, maybe this should have gone on my RANT blog.

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