Friday, December 17, 2010

Bill Pullman Joins Torchwood

Calling all Torchwood fans, they brought in a big name to help with the U.S. reboot of Torchwood. Bill Pullman will join the cast and will play Oswald Jones. According to, the character is described as “a dangerously clever convicted murderer” who becomes a media sensation when a technicality allows him to avoid spending the rest of his life in prison. Jones is actually sorry about the crimes he’s committed but he still feels the rage and lust that makes him a danger to society. He soon learns there are things that are far more dangerous than him when he gets wrapped up in a horrifying crisis that could affect the whole world.

though his role has not been disclosed. His credits include (among many others) Independence Day and While You Were Sleeping.

Read full article at Bill Pullman Joins Torchwood

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1 comment:

Teresa said...

The part is actually that of a pedophile and murderer.