Monday, November 15, 2010

Patrick Duffy, Larry Hagman in Talks to Join 'Dallas' Sequel

This could be one of the better things to come out of television in recent history. That is, if they don't screw it up.

Sequels are a funny animal to conquer. Some have gone terribly wrong like Knight Rider and The Bionic Woman. The olden says of making a sequel with the popularity of Star Trek: The next Generation are hard to come by. But a few sneak in like the new Hawaii Five-O. Redone in the true spirit of it's ancestor, not akin the twisted up reboot of the a fore mentioned failures.

If they stay true to the Dallas story, and leave out the complicated twists of a world 25+ years in the future, it definitely has a chance. They have to make sure that casual viewers can tune in and follow the story with having to know 40 years of Ewing family history. Keep the story lines simplified and out of the 10PM time slot. Keep it clean enough for the teenagers to watch since the show is about the next generation, and will undoubtedly have characters in that age range.

Let's keep our fingers crossed. Read full article at Patrick Duffy, Larry Hagman in Talks to Join 'Dallas' Sequel

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