Friday, January 8, 2010

Comment on "2010 Prediction: The Year of the Paid Subscription "

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This Newsweek article is all assuming that people will simply fork out the money for any online content. They are wrong. Just because it's free now, and a provider decides to charge doesn't mean they will be successful at profiting. It is likely the content providers will spend any profits chasing down every swingin' pirate on the planet. The mere idea that someone can copyright or own information once it's on the open air waves is beyond stupidity.

While there is a certain percentage that will ante up with their credit card to pay for what is free now, most of us will not. We'll simply get by without it. Don't misunderstand, I like Hulu, but I'm not paying for it. We're already paying a kings ransom for our cable or satellite television, our broadband internet connection, and our wireless phones. Do these content providers live with theirs heads in the sand? Maybe. Do they not know the perilous times we live in, many of us no longer have usable credit cards? I'm sure they do, and are experiencing the same financial woes as the rest of us.

If Hulu and others want to start charging, let them. We'll shop somewhere else for free. My guess is within 5 years, they'll be out of business or back to FREE content with content-based advertising to pay the bills. If they hold their breath waiting for me to subscribe they will be out of business much sooner.

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