Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What is Starbuck?

The promise is that all will be revealed. Since the last episode of Battlestar Galactica airs this Friday night, that means they will uncover all the secrets, right? Let's hope so.

One of the big questions we hope to get an answer about is simply "What or who is Starbuck?" They've done a really good job so far of not giving us too many hints. While I am not sure what or who she really is, I do think we will get more than a few revelations.

Things like, everyone is a Cylon. That wouldn't be a stretch, but probably won't happen. But I do remember during the "Razor" movie about Kara's father being the hybrid they killed (blew up the ship). Remember the little girl the should locked up in a room? I especially like the episode with the piano player, that turned out to be her father, that turned out to be a figment of her imagination.

Time travel. I suspect that Galactica traveled forward in time (2000 years) and that's why the ship is literally breaking up. We know Starbuck traveled in time, at least they'll be hard pressed to convince me otherwise. When she finds her body, that tells me something happened that circumvented the normal space-time continuum.

I think there will be some "climactic intervention", something that sets everything back to a better time. Because if the show ends with them all dying and the ship blowing up, and the few survivors taking refuge on Earth, that would be very disappointing. It would be a ratings coup with worst series finale in television history.

The recurring theme has been "it happened before, it will happen again". If the series is going to end, rather if the story's going to end, then that cycle has to be broken. I think we're going to find them back on Earth, a flourishing, populated Earth. There was that photo of Trisha Helfer in her famous red dress posing on the streets of New York. Maybe it was a ploy, but hopefully there was something to it.

It wouldn't be too far fetched for the producers to throw a huge wrench into the entire shooting match at the very end. Something crazy like it's all a huge holographic game being played out on someone desktop. Not unlike the end of "Men in Black II" or that episode of Star Trek where they downloaded the holodeck program to a small cube. It would definitely not be out of character for Ron Moore to do something wild like shout "Computer, end program" at the very end of the episode.

In any event, we will not any more Battlestar Galactica after Friday. At least until Caprica comes around. I will miss the show. An era will come to a close with this finale. All the original SciFi Friday shows will be gone, a mediocre show will fill it's spot.

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