Sunday, November 9, 2008

'Knight Rider' Falls To Almost CW Numbers

'Knight Rider' Falls To Almost CW Numbers

I hadn't got around to writing my own review for this weeks Knight Rider episode "Knight Of The Living Dead". But I wanted to defend this show in spite of it's bad ratings. I personally believe the Neilsen rating system is a load of crap. It's all rigged by the sponsors and the networks.

I'll say this, the episode was different than any previous Knight Rider episode in either series. KITT spends the entire episode, except the last 2 minutes in the belly of a plane. While I am a strong proponent of Knight Rider being about Michael and KITT, the man and his car, I think it was a very good Halloween story. I half expected the whole thing to be an elaborate Halloween trick in the end.

At least KITT was not incapacitated by some inferior technology, although he was set to self-destruct. The part about the Dr. Graiman getting shot a point blank range by someone he could not see, and only gets knocked unconscience, is a bit of a stretch. I mean if the shooter missed, what happened to the bullet?

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