Friday, July 4, 2008

Holday TV Lineup

Remember when on every holiday you could count on finding something good on television? It's slim pickin's this 4th of July for sure. Maybe it's a hint to get out from in front of the TV, turn off the computer and do something outside. Whether you have cable, DirecTV, DISH, or just a big dish sitting out back, one would think with all those channels to choose from, the selection would be better. And for the cost I should be faced with the choice of which channel to watch, and which others to record.

The Scifi Channel is showing "Twilight Zone". Consequently, their signature "Scifi Friday" is shot. Not that it's worth tuning in anymore, but that's whole different topic.

The Fox Movie Channel is showing "Independence Day", repeatedly. They started showing it yesterday, repeatedly. Not that I don't like the movie, in fact, I was one of those people that went to see it at the theater in 1996. But watching it once in a sitting is enough.

Spike is showing more of their T&A stuff. TNT has a Law & Order marathon. AMC is showing "Jaws" and it's sequels. BTW, I also saw "Jaws" in theater back in 1975. It's probably the reason why I like the beach but not the ocean. Needless to say I've never watched it a second time, nor any of it's sequels. The rest of today's selection goes down hill from there.

On the good side, we have "King Of The Hill" on FX, I watched it this morning. This afternoon it's "JAG" and "NCIS" on USA. There's also "That 70's Show" on ABC Family, but I really have to be in the mood for that.

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