Saturday, June 14, 2008

Battlestar Galactica - "Revelations" Reviewed

Earth - The Final Frontier

I'm disappointed. I expected an inhabited Earth, even if primitive. Did Ron Moore get a lobotomy during the Writers Strike? Did he forget about the basics of a TV series, like continuity? Is he trying to make BSG so much NOT like Star Trek that he's willing to re-invent the show every week?

It's not bad enough the characters change sides every week. It's not bad enough the story has become convoluted. It's not bad enough the producers are hell bent on finishing the story after just 4 seasons. They finally make to Earth and its completely destroyed, scenes right out of "Planet of the Apes". To top it off they've cut us off for the summer, maybe even until Spring 2009. To be honest it's starting to lose my interest.

I know I'm being hard on the show, but every week it feels like they are busting the bubble. I believe whole-heartedly the number one reason why scifi shows fail is they complicate things too much. BSG is there. Right now viewers are asking themselves "now what?".

Here's a theory. In last weeks episode "The Hub", Laura's fading in and out of reality every time she cylon ship jumps. Maybe, just maybe, "Revelations" was all part of that illusion. It doesn't make sense they would reach Earth, a barren, uninhabited Earth with 14 episodes left. Their quest wasn't to just find Earth, but to find the thirteenth colony. They'll probably introduce some survivors.

Last night's summer finale wasn't much of a cliffhanger. They made it to Earth, it's uninhabited. The people and cities have long died out, caused by things we can only speculate at this point. Our first clue should have been they didn't detect any orbiting satellites. Second, if dozens of space vehicles suddenly showed up in our atmosphere, the governments of the world would have greeted them with deadly force. I would have liked that scenario better, a modern day Earth fighting to defend itself from an unknown force from space.

A different scenario would have been to have a modern day Earth, and have them sneak to Earth without being detected, blend in. Oh, but that's what they would do on Star Trek, so that's out.

Our story would seem to be at the end, for the most part. The four sleeper agents in the fleet have been identified. The humans and cylons appear to have reached an agreement to not fight anymore, but I'm sure we haven't seen the last of the war.

Since we know they still have another 14 episodes to show, there's must be more surprises waiting for us, like who is the unidentified cylon model. Does D'Anna know? She knew there were only four in the fleet, but she did see five faces.

To steal from my review of "The Hub", maybe the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future will visit Ron Moore over the break, and show him the error of his ways.

John Crawford

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1 comment:

Da' Square Wheelman, said...

I don't think it's OUR Earth but another planet. The few images of the 13th Colony planet didn't have our familiar continents. If BSG is in the past then perhaps the 13th Colony was on Mars, our dead and mysterious neighbor.

"it has happened before. But it doesn't have to happen again."

Lee Adama