Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - Midway: Finally An Episode Worth Watching

Ok, I'm a dedicated Stargate fan. I watch all the new and re-run episodes on Friday nights, and every afternoon on the Scifi channel. But Stargate Atlantis seems to get further and further away from the original Stargate SG1 show we grew to love. By no means do I don't mean the acting is substandard, I love these guys. But the story lines are fixated on there always being some absolutely, all powerful, bad guy around the corner. What made Stargate worth watching was their almost childlike desire to explore, and ask "what if", something Star Trek lost long ago.

The last couple of episodes have gotten better, like the episoeds with his real life sister (Mrs. Miller). In the episode "Outcast" we learn that John Sheppard's father dies, he comes from a fairly wealthy family, and that has an ex-wife (played by Kari Wuhrer). She's an ex-wife that has her own high powered, highly sensitive job with Homeland Security. But she finds out there are things classified way above her when she pokes around about what her ex-husband is into.

The episode "Midway" is an ironic twist, as Ronin has is summoned to Earth to get the IOA's approval to stay on Atlantis. Actually I think the whole idea of the IOA is crap. Why does some makeshift group of humans think they have the right to government a city on a planet in another galaxy? It's not like we or they own Atlantis. Anyhow, past that, Teal'c is asked to help Ronin prepare; they literally butt heads from the start. But Teal'c manages to win Ronin's trust and admiration as they are attacked at the Midway jump site by Wraith. Teal'c and Ronin gate to Earth behind the Wraith and set out on a two-man killing spree of the invading Wraith.

They meet up with the new head of the IOA, Mr. Coolidge (played by Rob LaBelle). Cooliage is your average big mouth politician, but a true wimp. Rather than trust Teal'c and Ronin to do what they do best, he calls in a nuclear strike on Cheyenne Mountain. The two manage to neutrelize all the wraith, while the other Atlantis team members manage to escape from the Midway station after the self-destruct sequence is triggered.

In the end, two aliens saved Earth. The nuclear strike is averted, and Ronin's interview with the IOA goes off without a hitch. I doubt the IOA needed much convincing.

I think they hit a home run with this episode.

John Crawford

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BillieO said...


I really liked your review of the show last evening! Thank you.

I too am an avid fan of SG-1 and anything that has the "Stargate" label on it and totally agree that SGA is WAY different from SG-1 in that they have no sense of exploration at's just war, war and more war with lots of McKay's whining thrown in every other scene...

When I think back to episodes like the NOX, for example, or when Orlin shows up at Carter's house, or when they first meet up with the Tolan....I realize how absolutely wonderful that Stargate SG-1 was and is....I live for the reruns now....they are eminently watchable over and over again....

SGA, on the other hand, has pretty much become all about war and Rodney....

I am hoping with the last few episodes where they are at last delving into the character development of the main characters that some of that wonerous feeling of exploration will come back to the storylines...

Be well and always....

Have A Very Stargate Day!

An Official TEAM STARGATE Member

Angela said...

I liked your review as well. I miss SG-1 so much and I love that Teal'c made an appearance in this episode. I agree with billieo that I live for SG-1 reruns, which makes it all the more exciting that they're coming out with The Ark of Truth. Something new with the SG-1 cast. March 11th can't come quick enough. I suggest checking out the widget: