Sunday, December 4, 2005

The Bermuda Triangle et al

Tomorrow night the Sci-Fi Channel will air the miniseries "The Triangle". They recently ran a behind the scenes special on the science behind the Bermuda Triangle. Those of us who really believe we are not alone in this world, know the real answers are yet to be found. Some believe it is caused by methane gas, which does exist in large quantities along the US Eastern seaboard and Atlantic Ocean.

I believe it was on the History Channel where I saw experiments of what happens when electronics and engines are exposed to very small amounts of methane gas. Electronic instruments went crazy, just as described by many pilots and helmsmen traversing the Triangle. When an aircraft engine was injected with a small amount of methane gas, it shutdown immediately. So we know there is some science to lean on. However, it may not seem to explain to total disappearance of air and sea vessels. Although some scientists believe the volatility of the methane gas, ocean water, and exhaust fumes could be enough to totally obliterate an aircraft or a ship. I personally believe this is a big stretch, that would mean total incineration, vaporized, because there seems to be no trace left behind; absolutely no debris.

Still others believe there are more sinister forces at work in the Triangle, aliens or alien technology, or something supernatural such as wormholes or other dimensions. Some years back, I was watching a documentary about the face on Mars. It theorized there were critical points on Mars, and if you were to place a isosolese triangle inside of Mars, you would see these how these critical points are symetrically and evenly spaced. He then theorized the same thing about Earth. That would put the Bermuda Triangle and the Hawaiian Islands on close to the same latitude. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find much of it on the web, I'd seen it on TV back before the advent of the internet.

Anyhow, "The Triangle" should prove to be quite a good story. And the fact it has Catherine Bell in it, well, that's enough to peak my interest.

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