Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Postman - Goofs?

"The Postman" is making the rounds on HBO, and as usual I watch it most every time it's on. Some things I noticed, that don't seem to fit in. I scoured the net looking for references to these, but came up empty. First, when he is a Fosters (the first time) dancing with Abby, the camera pans 360 degrees around them (and then some). One can clearly see school buses and U-Haul trucks parked neatly in the background. You can't see the ground below the vehicles, but they don't look as though they've been there too long, especially not abandoned for years and sitting through nuclear winters. Second, where are they getting the electricity for the lights? In the same scene as before, a fluorescent ceiling light can be seen. The lights and the vehicles don't seem to fit with the nature and circumstances of the story. Any comments?

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